Friday, October 31, 2014

Mitsubishi Pajero Factory Service Manual

This Mitsubishi Pajero Factory Service Manual contains information on Engine, engine lubrication, fuel, engine cooling, Engine intake exhaust, Clutch, manual transmission, propeller shaft, Front axle, Rear axle, wheel & Tyre, power plant mount, front suspension, rear suspension, service and brakes, Parking brakes , steering and body and exterior.

The repair manual for  Mitsubishi Pajero must be be used by a expert mechanic. if you wrong interpretation of information of this manual may cause harm to you or vehicle we can't quaranti about this. This is complete manual which contains maximum possible information about parts and systems present in Mitsubishi Pajero without modern vehicle systems like gps vehicle tracking etc.

the Mitsubishi Pajero Factory Service Manual can be found at this source

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX ECU Pinouts Diagram

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX ECU Pinouts Diagram
If you need to know Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX ECU Pinouts Diagram here is the info below we provide Lancer Evolution 9 ECU pinouts according to Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Ix service manual issued by Mitsubishi Motors. There are three different plugs i.e C-121 (MU803784), C-119 (MU803782) and C-117 (MU803783).

you can download for more information here

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tecumseh Carburetor Repair Manual

Still about Tecumseh Carburetor, this time I will share where you can get the PDF Tecumseh Carburetor Repair Manual, I find when I surf the internet. indeed many sources that discuss the maintenance and repair of machines of this grass but you need to consider is to invite an experienced mechanic who is an expert in this field who are proficient in a land mower engine repair.

although there is no manual repair if something goes wrong but still it will cause serious problems for you and the machine. I am not responsible for anything that happens segalan after you read the manual that I recommend hope to use at your own risk. okay download here

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Troubleshooting a carburetor Land Mower

Perhaps your land mower won't start? This could be a problem with the carburetor this post some tips about one of the causes of death and the engine has to be turned on is troubleshooting a carburetor, other areas such as valves, fuel tank venting or gaskets should not be overlooked. The carburetor is dependent on the proper operation of the engine to do its job. The first step in troubleshooting is to Determine if you have a carburetor or an engine problem. In order for the engine to operate and properly, the following items need to be checked first:

1 Make sure there is a sufficient amount of clean, fresh fuel in the tank.
2 Check the spark plug for proper reach, gap and conditions. Replace, if needed, or in question. perform an ignition spark tester test using part number 670 366 to assure that you have a crisp spark.

3 Check for fuel flow restrictions into the carburetor. Deteriorated fuel line, and fuel cap venting are some of the more common restrictions. TecumsehPower uses a 75 micron stainless steel filter screen molded into most tanks. It is extremely rare for this area To become restricted and should be checked last.

4 Check compression by first disconnecting the spark plug lead and ground it to Prevent start-up. Next, turn the engine over by hand. A definite resistance should be noticed on the compression stroke. using a cylinder leak down tester is also possible.

After Reviews These basic checks have been performed and you are satisfied with the engine's condition, attempt to start it. if it does not start, remove the spark plug and check its condition. If it is dry, you can Assume there is a problem with the carburetor or the fuel system. I hope these tips helpful and sourced the above review of the manual carburetor for tecumseh lawn mowes

Lawn mower won't start tips

Lawn mower won't start here is a tips you can follow Mmh.. Actually a lot of obstacles that cause the lawn mower will not start, but this usually occurs in the spring and at that time will be lost gasoline volatility. even though it can not be proved. And do not worry because it is not a big problem if the lawn mower is not going to work. there are some other issues that may be the cause.

This could be the cause is the carburetor or the engine itself because it is rarely used. therefore, at least you start the engine at least twice a month This prevents the engine does not rust. so the problem lawn mower will not start many a good idea to check the possibility to garage / mechanic who is experienced so it will not make things worse.